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For posterity’s sake, Death of a Scenester has decided to take a short break for the rest of 2012. This means that Issue Six will not be published in October as initially planned. That being said, we have some exciting plans for our trusty publication that has been supporting writers and artists since 2009. We will be reinventing DOAS in early 2013, in a brand new format, and will be eagerly waiting your words, art and support then. In the meanwhile, to our regular contributors, there are many brilliant publications which need your work. Scroll through our EWF reviews for a quick snapshot of who and where they are. Do stay tuned, and thank you immensely for the past few years. Here’s to brand new challenges!


Ali, Katie, Megs and Shalini


About deathofascenester

death of a scenester is an independent publication aiming to publish quality writing with a real voice. death of a scenester will maintain a gritty, punk, DIY underground edge but will also uphold a slicker style. Its ethos is that it would like to strike the ground squarely between a gritty grass-roots zine publication that promotes the total freedom of artistic and individual expression and Realpolitik (pragmatic, honest, controversial) type publications, which have articles and opinion pieces that refer to the generation gap, music, art, immigration, and counter-cultural activities.
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