CLOSED – Death of a Scenester is seeking submissions for ISSUE #5: FOOD!

Here at the Death of a Scenester HQ we are big fans of food. The usual DOAS meeting is accompanied by at least three types of cheese, so we felt it was most natural to dedicate an issue to one of the world’s favourite pastimes.


More than pleasure lurks below this subject matter. We live in a time where food shortages are a reality for big parts of the developing world. We are also subject to changing government controls on the way we grow and share food. What place does the Corporation have in all this? What is your opinion?
From the downright dirty, earth covered and deformed, to the clean and chemically treated—we once again require your delicious wordiness on the matter.
We encourage you to go forth—create, collaborate, write, draw and submit to our fifth issue.
Take the word food wherever you want to. Think outside the box in terms of your piece, its genre and your comfort zone. Be daring. We look forward to every art and word feast that will soon be appearing in our HQ inbox. Each piece should be no longer than four A5 pages (about 1200-500 words).
Send us a proposal for your piece by Monday, 30 January. All we require at this stage is a few lines telling us the direction you’d like to head and what genre you are going to tackle. From there, we will let you know whether your piece will be included in Issue #5, with final submissions due on Friday, 9 March.
We eagerly await your tasty proposals…
Ali, Megan, Katie & Shalini

Important dates

Proposals due: Monday, 30 Jan 2012

Final submissions: Friday, 16 March 2012

Launch: Friday, 11 May 2012


About deathofascenester

death of a scenester is an independent publication aiming to publish quality writing with a real voice. death of a scenester will maintain a gritty, punk, DIY underground edge but will also uphold a slicker style. Its ethos is that it would like to strike the ground squarely between a gritty grass-roots zine publication that promotes the total freedom of artistic and individual expression and Realpolitik (pragmatic, honest, controversial) type publications, which have articles and opinion pieces that refer to the generation gap, music, art, immigration, and counter-cultural activities.
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2 Responses to CLOSED – Death of a Scenester is seeking submissions for ISSUE #5: FOOD!

  1. T.R. Miller says:

    I’m an amateur artist who creates Luhey doggy doodles! I don’t know if you’re seeking submissions only from professionals. I mail my work if someone has a place for “Luhey” on any of their pages. Please let me know if you accept not too talented artistic pieces. Best wishes to you on your zine. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.
    T.R. Miller

    • Hi T!

      We are always looking for new, fresh talent. So YES! Please submit something when we do the next proposal call outs. Like us on Facebook and you will be kept up-to-date on call-out dates etc.
      Alternatively if you’re not on Facebook, check the website around end of July / August this year. Thanks for looking us up!


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