Animal launch

Well, well…what a great launch we had on October 29, 2011 at The Parlour in Preston.The weather was terrible but it did not deter the 180 plus people who turned up. The life-sized blow up elephants were a great decoration at the entrance of the venue. Special thanks go to Brian at the Parlour for being so accommodating, Ben from Horror Sleaze Trash for doing the photo shoot, BJ Morriszonkle and Pony Face for being the live music entertainment, Raul Sanchez and Bodie Jarman for DJing, Matt and Clay for being sound techs, Jeff Sparrow for giving the rousing speech on the importance of little magazines and officially launching the new ‘animal’ issue, all the helpers with the bar/BBQ, and also Kate Griffin who took some great photos of the night along with the photo booth with costumes designed by Two French. You can check out the photos on our facebook page or flickr page.

If you were unlucky enough not to make it to the launch and so didn’t get a copy of the new issue, check out our stockists to see where you can get one. BUT for the next month (Nov 16-Dec 22) we have a special offer – if you email us at with the request for a copy of Issue 4, we will give you a copy of Issue 3 absolutely free! Think of those xmas presents you’ve been trying to figure out :).


About deathofascenester

death of a scenester is an independent publication aiming to publish quality writing with a real voice. death of a scenester will maintain a gritty, punk, DIY underground edge but will also uphold a slicker style. Its ethos is that it would like to strike the ground squarely between a gritty grass-roots zine publication that promotes the total freedom of artistic and individual expression and Realpolitik (pragmatic, honest, controversial) type publications, which have articles and opinion pieces that refer to the generation gap, music, art, immigration, and counter-cultural activities.
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